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The Problem

Owners & Founders are asked to wear every hat and often need to prioritize and trade off foundational work.

The Big Picture

Reduce Owner & Founder time and overhead by scaling your operations and systems to be more efficient and work for you.

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The Benefits

Set up your business to allow yourself to scale to the next phase of growth.

Allow yourself to work on the tasks you’re great at and why you became an Owner/Founder in the first place.

The Services

‘Operations-as-a-Service’ means:

Operational and Business Implementation or Training in any of these areas:

  • Organization, Structuring, Strategy

  • Networking, Hiring, Employee Relations

  • Managing Employees, Compensation, Development

  • Risk Management, Compliance, Security

  • Procurement, Supply Chain & Vendor Management


The Command Shift Company helps Owners reduce their chaos and stress, while organize their operations to grow to that next level. Over 10+ years of experience in operations and people in scaling organizations.

Fractional General Management & COO for Small Businesses

+1 (646) - 580 - 8875 

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