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How to change labor from a line on the budget, to a strategic tool used to manage your business.


Most business owners do not have a good structure to their pay, or the structure is overly rigid and uniform, leaving little room for flexibility and strategy. 

Compensation is tricky, it's not only a huge line on your total P&L, but it's also one of the most important factors to your employees, as it has a direct connection to their motivations and work product.

We help business owners understand what they can do to maximize their compensation efforts to more align with their employees, while also providing structure and efficiencies to the budget. 

Job Titles (1).png
  • Job titles are a description of their function

  • Leveling should exist WITHIN each title

  • Award new titles as roles & responsibilities change

  • Reward benefits as performance and tenure rise

  • Create longevity within your employees through consistent and meaningful benefits

  • Introduce perks as short-term rewards and achievements

  • Use the 9-box method to understand where your employees are, leverage this data for promotions and pay increases

  • Note: Each business needs a different spread of employees within the 9-Box




Need help building out your compensation strategy? Schedule a call with us today to get started. 

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