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Did you know that about 72% of all organizational problems are due to broken business processes?

Small business process issues can gradually build up to big ones, and process improvement is always deemed as a "project" that's easily deprioritized.


Hurdle #1

There are only problems in a process, if there is a bad OUTCOME

  • Process = "HOW"

  • Outcome = "SO WHAT"

  • Not all problems need to be addressed immediately

  • Build a framework to measure outcomes, KPIs and actual production.

Hurdle #2

Identifying problems needs to be systemic and continuous. You have to have 2 things:

  1. People - great owners who care and understand business goals and outcomes

  2. System - a reliable system to collect and understand incidents

  • Many problems go unseen to leadership and management. That's why promoting a culture of ownership and problem identification is incredibly important

  • That, and having a great system to do something with the problems collected is imperative.

Hurdle #3

The biggest mistake people make is treating the symptom, not the actual problem.

  • Include your team in the discovery process

  • Run a test scenario through the process before jumping into any conclusions. 

  • It's easy to assume. Leaders at the top lack the ability to see all of the details and work out the kinks. 

  • Collaborate with those who are 'boots on the ground' you'll be surprised of the patterns they see daily. (Just take a lesson from Undercover Boss)


We'll teach you how to fish.

Our approach is to instill the ownership and problem-solving culture within your organization. 

We'll not only help you build out better systems for the future, but also teach you and your future leaders how to do this in the future. 

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