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  • Burnout is on the rise - rose 40% globally in Q4 2022.

  • There is a noticeable gender gap with regards to burnout

  • Executives report 20% worse work-life balance and 40% more stress & anxiety

  • Mangers are responsible, but undertrained

  • Managers lack the network & community

  • Managers tasked to navigate challenges of leading remote & hybrid teams

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  • Quit / Resignation rate is at an all time high. Reasons often related to a more fulfilling life

  • Personal fulfillment is now an expectation of employees

  • The rise of the Generalist post-pandemic. They are an integral part of the organization, but are more often those that feel the most burnt out and least appreciated

  • Belonging & community leads to better retention, engagement and work outcomes

  • Nearly half of Gen Zs and 4/10 millennials feel they feel stressed all or most of the time

  • 75%+ of currently remote workers would seek a new job if their employer asked to work on-site full-time

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