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Congratulations! You're now a manager

Hey there! Congrats on your promotion to manager! You must be feeling like a real hot shot right now, and with good reason! But let me tell you a little secret, being a manager is a whole different ball game. Just because you were good at your previous job doesn't necessarily mean you'll be a great manager. Don't worry though, I'm here to help!

You see, many new managers are thrown into the deep end without the proper tools and advice to help them succeed. That's where I come in! This series of articles, tools, and mentorship is designed to give you practical advice and actionable steps to tackle your day-to-day problems in management. Whether you're trying to learn how to hold people's lives and careers in your hands, manage up better, or handle higher level executives and gain buy-in, I've got your back.

Now, let's talk about the three pillars of management: Environment, Individualize, and Understand. These are the keys to success in any management scenario.

First up, Environment. This refers to the systems, space, and style in which you manage. Think of it as the unspoken rules, expectations, and common understanding amongst your team. If you have a highly autonomous culture and an environment of independence, you should expect people to be great decision makers, with systems in place to correct decisions and pivot as necessary. On the other hand, if you de-value hierarchy and everyone is able to speak up and debate, you should expect collaboration and the ability to resolve conflicts quickly. Make sure your team perpetuates similar goals, and you'll be off to a great start!

Next, Individualize. This is where you create specificity within the environment you've already created. You need to know your employees and what makes them unique. Recognize their strengths and use them to your advantage. Whether it's their analytical skills, creativity, or execution ability, make sure you're utilizing your team to their fullest potential. This applies to technology, processes, and other stakeholders as well!

Last but not least, Understand. Managers who spend more time understanding and less time lecturing are more successful because they are more aware of their team's needs. Don't let your ego lead your actions. Surround yourself with information and create systems to push information to you, not just something you have to pull yourself.

These three pillars are the foundation of successful management. I'll be referencing them throughout my articles and tools, so make sure you keep them in mind! If you like what you read, subscribe! And if you need any personalized coaching, please feel free to reach out. Congratulations on your promotion, let's go crush it together!

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